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NetCache. • FTP server. • McAfee Web Reporter server directory. • McAfee Web Gateway. • McAfee SaaS Web Protection Service. • McAfee Web Security format. Features. Review information about McAfee Web Reporter features to determine how you set up your reporting environment. Basic features. McAfee Web Reporter. Report language options. About McAfee Web Reporter. McAfee Web Reporter provides the reporting tools to identify issues in your organization such as liability exposure, productivity loss, bandwidth overload, and security threats. You can use this information to modify web use policies and provide guidance for appropriate. McAfee Web Security format. • NetCache. • McAfee Web Reporter server directory. • McAfee Web Reporter — Server-based software that contains: • Configuration settings. • Created report definitions. • Log data (when using the internal database). • Reporting database. • TrustedSource database (when you choose to.

8 Feb Hi,. Let me explain my current landscape. We have Secure Web Reporter 5.x with three log sources for 3 proxy servers (let's call them A, B and C). Log files are received on a daily basis for each of the log sources. Log sources A and B are not a problem as they come in one single file per log source with. 23 Jun Content Security Reporter will eventually replace Web Reporter because it has the ability to integrate with more products and provide better dynamic content, but both products are still being developed. Web Reporter x doesn't have an end- of-life date published yet. Solved: Hi All I am getting a lot of requests to set up and configure Content Security Reporter now that it is available for ePO Problem is that.

20 Mar Introduction This document will explain how to configure the McAfee Web Gateway to push access log data to the McAfee Web Reporter for analysis. If. 17 Oct And when testing with Java 7 u45 on the client, we can't log into the web reporter web gui. The SNS: Environment. McAfee Web Reporter (all versions). Problem. AJava Security Warning is displayed when you attempt to load the Web ReporterAdministration User Interface. Choosing to run the application. McAfee Web Reporter gives organizations the tools they need to understand today's web traffic - quickly and easily. Available for both McAfee SmartFilter and McAfee Web Gateway, Web Reporter lets organizations identify trends, investigate potential problems, and analyze security threats as a basis for refining and.


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