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In NUS go to Database -> System > MIOS > v10; Open the location where you extracted the NUS Downloader and you should see a "titles" folder. Open this folder and find another folder named In this folder should be yet another folder named Find the WAD file in this folder (MIOSv wad) and. 13 Dec ModMii and NUSDownloader are down and I cannot find the stock mios anywhere. PLEASE HELP!!:). 18 Apr MIOS is a special version of IOS that runs when the Wii enters GameCube mode. The same MIOS is used for all GameCube games and software. It has seen minimal updates in the Wii's lifetime. It contains a full copy of the GC IPL, slightly modified for the Wii. It performs patching of some games when they.

If you have Dios Mio, then yeah. Gamecube disc reading functionality is gone. But FEAR NOT!!! You can revert back to the original MIOS v10 by installing it the same way you installed Dios Mios. Download MIOS v10 off of mod mii http:// 1 Aug In the new screen, select install patched MIOSv10 to install the cMIOSv10 with the default settings (Patch for homebrew&backups: yes and Set revision to : no). At the next prompt, select Download MIOS from NUS if your Wii have an internet access or load MIOS from sd card otherwise. And finally. More info about cIOS-v10/alt/vWii here: How_to_choose_d2x_distribution One of the following on real nand: DIOSMIOS_wad (GC games on USB) (New) DIOSMIOSLite_wad (GC games on SD) (New) DMLr59mod[MIOS-v10].wad (GC games on SD old way) Neek app files: In.

IOSes and RVLs marked in red, such as IOS40 v are needed. If you have a collection that include these missing titles, uploading them here would be appreciated. This page is for downloads of IOSes and RVLs. Many of the files on this page come from NUS (Nintendo Update Servers). Some come from the update. 18 Feb NNID: FenrirW0lf. There was no need to do the factory reset. All that does is wipe save files and channels. To remove Dios Mios, the only thing you should need to do is install and RVL-mios-vwad. If you don't have those, you can use a PC program called NUS Downloader to get them.


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