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Bruce lee noises

The Funny Bruce Lee Noises trope as used in popular culture. Alright, here's the deal. If someone is making a tongue-in-cheek kung fu scene, there is always . if you notice there is a CAT in the scene because he makes cat noises bruce lee likes cats, thats why he does that shoulder blade stretch the cat was doing as well its just a gimmick and trademark. but he also said he does it to distract the opponent anything to annoy them or make them confused. The goofy noises that are made by any martial artist when exerting themselves in Japanese is called Kiai. Kiai is a vocalization that assists in focusing energy. It's often used in strikes in karate and kung-fu, and when throwing in judo. The tone, style, and intonation that Bruce Lee's kiai exhibited were uniquely his, and can be .

Yes, Bruce Lee made those sounds just for show. It was quite entertaining and enjoyable. To add on to the other answers, In traditional Chinese Martial arts ( Kung Fu), there are some styles with unique vocalization practice. Ex: when doing a certa. Bruce Lee, The greatest icon of martial arts cinema, and a key figure of modern popular culture. Listen to his quotes that penetrated and influenced the audiences of his time Wwwoooaah!!!. Listen to these martial arts fighting clips of the greatest icon of martial arts cinema Bruce Lee.

The Sound of Bruce Lee Kung Fu. Ever thought that half the cast in a Kung Fu film were talking backwards? I certainly wouldn't be surprised if you did because almost all of the films made in Hong Kong are dubbed; in other words the voices are added after the film is made. That makes some kind of sense because I don't .


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