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International Specification for. Sprint Orienteering Maps. (ISSOM). Valid from 1 January The Map Commission of the International Orienteering Federation is responsible for all matters related to orienteering maps within the IOF, such as map standardisation, development, education and quality assurance. The ISSOM . IOF Map Commission. International Specification for. Sprint Orienteering Maps. (ISSOM). Valid from 1 January Correction of errors: dash length corrected in the illustration ( mm. 3 mm). November ymbol 70, page s. 9. →. ISOM & ISSOM forbidden symbol comparison. Forbidden symbols and their relatives. Symbol. ISOM (Long, Middle). ISSOM (Sprint). ISOM. ISSOM . Impassable cliff. An impassable cliff, quarry or earth bank. (see ) is shown with a mm line and downward tags showing its full extent from the top line to.

The BOF school map symbols are those used for school orienteering maps in Great Britain. The ISSOM sprint map symbols are those used for sprint orienteering maps at , or , Maprunner map symbols guide, Maprunner schools map symbols guide, Maprunner ISSOM sprint map symbols guide. I often do not map park benches on ISSOM maps that I make. Many parks have lots of benches and the symbol is too large to fit all of them on the map. And there is no scattered benches symbol:) Nov 21, AM # · mikeminium: We're working on the maps for OCIN's New Year's Eve sprints (the last. 8 Mar IOF-Codes (ISOM, ISSOM, ISMTBOM) and their tags. There are different maps for orienteering sport: ISOM International Specification for Orienteering Maps. Foot Orienteering Maps are normally at the scale of or ISSOM International Specification for Sprint Orienteering Maps.

Contour value. Less distinct small path. Rough open land. Earth bank. Narrow ride with scattered trees. Small earth wall. Bridge. Forest: easy running. Erosion gully or trench. === Railway. Forest: slow running. Small erosion gully. Tramway. Undergrowth: slow running. Small knoll. Power line, cableway or. Forest: difficult to. The San Francisco Bay Area Orienteering Club - in orienteering you use a map and compass to navigate a course through unfamiliar terrain. People of all ages enjoy orienteering as a leisurely walk in the woods or as a competitive cross- country race. What you will find here is my experience - and my interpretation of the sprint specification. The content is based on ISSOM which can be found on the IOF Map Commission's home page. From a revised version, ISSOM , is in effect but the changes are minimal and the points here are still valid. Comments are.


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