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Morph and his friend Chas is a series of clay stop-motion comedy animations, named after the main character. This character was initially seen interacting with Tony Hart, beginning in , on several of his UK TV programmes, notably Take Hart and Hartbeat. Morph target animation, per-vertex animation, shape interpolation, shape keys, or blend shapes is a method of 3D computer animation used together with techniques such as skeletal animation. In a morph target animation, a "deformed" version of a mesh is stored as a series of vertex positions. In each key frame of an . A phenakistiscope designed by its inventor Joseph Plateau and/or painter Jean- Baptiste Madou was printed around and shows the head of a woman changing into a witch and then into a monster. Émile Cohl's animated film Fantasmagorie featured much morphing of characters and.

Watch · History · Gallery · News · Download; Shop; Merchandise · Design Your Own · Google Play · App Store · Merchandise · Design your Own · App Store · Google Play. Welcome. Latest News. New Morph Arrives on YouTube! Read More Winners of the Golden Morph Competition Announced! Read More. Morph Film Kit. Create an animation inspired by Morph! This kit includes everything you need to get started, including a storyboard template, instructions for making your own 'Aardstand' (helpful for keeping your phone or tablet steady!) , tips on making a Morph model, special effects and more. Once you've come up with a.


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