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9 Jun From the Windows Command Prompt launch the Lync Server Logging Tool using the PSS switch with the location of the ETL file. "C:\Program Files\Common Files\ Microsoft Lync Server \Tracing\” “/pss:C:\Temp”. Once the Logging Tool opens the Log File Folder will now display the. 8 Jan Microsoft Lync Server Debugging Tools are provided to help IT Administrators with troubleshooting deployments of Lync Server 17 Apr Lync Logging. Solution: You can manually grab a copy of the Microsoft Lync Server Debugging Tools (this includes both and Snooper. exe) from here: ?id= Once installed, you can access the tool by browsing to: C:\Program.

Reviewing Lync information with OCSLogger The Centralized Logging Service ( CLS) that we mentioned is for sure a powerful feature to troubleshoot Lync issues . However, in some specific scenarios, for example - Selection from Lync Server Cookbook [Book]. The Centralized Logging Service (CLS) that we mentioned is for sure a powerful feature to troubleshoot Lync issues. However, in some specific scenarios, for example, when we need to quickly change the protocols that we are logging, we prefer to use a different tool to trace the protocol stack, the tool. Two options are available for reading through Lync Server logs after collecting them. The first is to output the log details to a text file, which you can then search for specific information. To do this, click View Log Files at the bottom of the OCSLogger window. A dialog box appears with a list of the components for which logs.

20 Jun TLDR: I think it's broken – or as James Arber implied on Twitter, it might have made it out the gate prematurely. My suggestion: Do not install this version! Out of the blue recently Microsoft updated the Skype for Business Debugging Tools version from to the interestingly-named (well. 22 Sep Need to add a more detailed instruction set in the future. For now utilized the CLSLogging tool (Skype) or the OCSLogging tool (Lync) to collect traces for the appropriate components. For the SIP data of any call flowing through the Mediation Server the MediationServer and S4 components will capture the.


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