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Uwo navi gps

3 Jun There you have 2 links where you can download GVO NAVI-GPS Mediafire Link: Download the file and unzip in your desktop Open GVO navi Activate Surveying skill in game. Can you guys upload some screenshots of what your UWO Window/GVONavi layout looks like? I coulda swore a few years ago I was able to play with GVONavi on top of the UWO Window using ShiftWindow but I can't get it to work now. “The danger of venturing into uncharted waters is not nearly as. 19 Feb GVO Nav - GPS with map included, very helpful for playing UWO, especially when doing the sea mapping quests. It shows the speed, direction and coordinate of your current sailing ship. Click below link to download: GVO Navi GPS for UWO. Updated: August 01, New map link.

4 Dec Can someone tell me how to setup GVO Navi properly? Lavi told me that i needed to not have GVO Navi overlapping UWO window. there is also a weird behavior with mine. i have 2 monitor. i can place the gps window in the monitor i want, but it will only track my position if my game window is in my left. 20 Dec Among the many tools available to use in conjunction with this game, there is a popular one that is simply a must have for any sort of long-distance travel outside of Europe. It is known as GVONavi and is a sort of GPS that runs alongside UWO. Simply load it up, perhaps a bit of tinkering is needed, it has. 12 Oct I made one for desktop use with Europe in the middle, and another version cut up for use together with the GVONavi GPS program. These maps are complete with coordinate grid, correct wind directions for both seasons and names of all the seas. lionofnorth_navi. Download whichever one you prefer!.

22 Sep The GVONavi maps are best used together with the GVONavi GPS program. Here is the current download link for the english version ire .com/?9go6tifblncx. The GVONavi program comes bundled with maps you can use, but they can easily be replaced byt the map of your chocie. Well you better ask the GM or CA about it then i had used it for over 3 years when i used to play had no problems. #2. Showing of 2 comments. Per page: 15 30 Uncharted Waters Online: Episode Atlantis > General Discussions > Topic Details. Date Posted: Dec 15, @ pm. Posts: 2. Start a New. Like gvo navi but an updated one? Or is gvonavi already updated to the current patch?.


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