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Bandcamp codes cost

Track/album codes are unique codes that fans can redeem for a digital track or album, giving them unlimited streaming via the Bandcamp app as well as a high- quality download. You can generate them . up every month. If you need more codes you can purchase them (at a very reasonable price) right on your Tools page. Pricing. Artist accounts are free. We make money through our revenue share on sales, which is 15% for digital, 10% for merch. We also offer Bandcamp Pro (our premium tier for artists), and Bandcamp for Labels, both for a monthly fee. Here you can select albums, packages, individual tracks, or the special value anything, which means the code can be used for any of your items. Discount Codes work with any item with a price greater than zero. This includes items where you allow the fan to pay more; in this case, the discount simply reduces the minimum.

Part of what makes Bandcamp Bandcamp is that you, not some corporate behemoth, set your own pricing. And that's really as it should be, since the most effective price just isn't the same for every artist, and you know your fans better than anyone. That said, we have the advantage of a metric crap-ton of data, and that data. How about track/album codes? How about mailing lists? Why individual artist accounts? Is a Label Account right for me? Where do I set who gets paid for a given release? Can I enter a catalog number for accounting purposes? What if I suddenly change pricing tiers? What about canceling / getting a refund? What happens. Emailing track/album codes. These instructions tell you how to mail out codes using an email marketing service called Constant Contact. We like to imagine the steps are very similar for other contact management services. (We have a healthy imagination.) Please let us know if you find out otherwise. Constant Contact lets.

These instructions tell you how to mail out codes using Mailchimp. Mailchimp lets you manage email communications with your fans. Using Bandcamp's track/ album code export feature, and Mailchimp's import feature, you can send your fans personalized emails that contain unique codes for them to redeem. Mailchimp's. If you already have items for sale in a different currency when you make the change, we'll show you a table of recommended prices in the new currency. If the fan is paying in a currency different from yours, their payment provider may charge a conversion fee. Fans can see Currency, Code, Current rate (to USD). 9 Feb A foolproof method for printing Bandcamp download codes on Avery labels to make download cards! (Note – at this point, it'll ask you to log in. if you don't have an Avery account – just open one – it costs nothing.) Selected a blank design: At this point, you'll be looking at a large single label – and on the.


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