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History of computers ppt

The History of Computers. Visual Basic 1. What are computers? The first computers were people! That is, electronic computers (and the earlier mechanical computers) were given this name because they performed the work that had previously been assigned to people. "Computer" was originally a job title : it was used. Sep 9, This presentation was created in by Mahmud Shihab. Computer History. 2. Jan Charles Babbage. English inventor; ; taught math at Cambridge University; invented a viable mechanical computer equivalent to modern digital computers. 3. Jan Babbage's first computer. difference engine. built in early 's. special purpose .

A Brief History of Computers. By. Bernard John Poole, MSIS. Associate Professor of Education and Instructional Technology. University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Johnstown, PA Pre-Mechanical Computing: From Counting on fingers to pebbles to hash marks on walls to hash marks on bone to hash marks in sand. The History of Computing. B.C.: The Abacus. The original mechanical counting device. Image courtesy of Computer History Museum, http://www. T. K. Yin, NUK-CSIE. Blaise Pascal. French mathematician and philosopher; Built the Pascaline in Image courtesy of Computer. A Short History of Computing. Institute for Personal Robots in Education. (IPRE) . Aug 20 2. Jacques de Vaucanson Gifted French artist and inventor; Son of a glove-maker, aspired to be a clock-maker; – Created a series of mechanical automations that simulated life. Best remembered is the.

History of Computers. Week 1. Definition of a Computer. A computer is defined in the following ways. By the work it does; By the kind of information it handles; By its size and price. Particulars are Moving Targets. Technology advances at exponential rates. Computer memory capacity quadruples every 3 years? Computer. are these necessary components? History of Computers - Long, Long Ago. beads on rods to count and calculate; still widely used in Asia! Abacus - BC. History of Computers - Way Back When. Slide Rule ; based on Napier's rules for logarithms; used until s. Slide Rule. History of Computers - 19th Century. The History of Computers. By: Karineh M Masihi. Electronic Computers define the technology of the modern time – anytime, your grandchildren ask what was the biggest invention of your time when you were little – you can say, without a doubt that it was the Computers. Electronic Computer. Which Are The Most Obvious?.


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