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Mta with 0.3c objects

I've scoured the internet for something like this for a while, so here's a new tutorial that actually works. You want to make maps using MTA's map editor and include the c objects in them. Naturally, MTA doesn't include those by default, so you gotta shoehorn them in somehow. Well, this makes it easy. I will show you how to convert a MTA objects to samp c server! First you need to download: Download me; Second Extract MTA_0. files in your desktop. Third Open MTA_c_Converter folder then open fliterscript folder and copy files, and go in your. Go to the objects in the editor, and your sa mp objects should be front and center! you can now map with the c objects in mta!. Go to the server s resources folder this is where you ll have to insert a file that you ll download in the next step. your directory should now be. Mta sa adding c objects updated. Unless you ve.

Basically I just found a new link for the new objects as in c, but when I go to MTA, my world won't load, it just stays gray as in I'm in another virtual. How To Make maps. (The topic is fully updated). I know cnb hasn't updated to e, but you can already use it. Reminder: this only works on MTA and newer! 1) Do you have already the c/e-objects in MTA? Download this package: from mediafire (15MB). Open "Map_Editor" and copy the folders from inside to. This page displays most of the objects available for use in GTASA categorised into groups and all of the objects added in SA:MP (from c to current). You can also click here to view these objects on another GamerX page. Note: The images were created by Lilou/Millie if you take them to use on your site.

May 18, Here I am going to show you how to install and use c and e objects in MTA This works only on MTA or newer. First of all, you must download the packages which contain the objects for MTA here: m6m9dc7m/Map% Now, extract file, and paste. Converter: Object & vehicle converter; Diferent input/output formats; Set all objetcs/vehicles on a specific array; Option to convert only objects; Load the map from a file; Fix objects IDs (c objects from MTA); Custom Input Object output; Convert interior & virtual world (if possible). Teleports: strcmp, DCMD, ZCMD, YCMD.


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