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3 Jan Images and other media files can be uploaded and inserted through a simple media manager. To open the media manager click the button in the page editing toolbar. When you want to manage media, but have no need for inserting media links, you can use the fullscreen mediamanager too. Browse the. 10 Jul Images and other media files can be uploaded through media manager. To open the media manager click the “Media Manager” button in the upper right corner. When you need to insert media links in to the Edit window the pop-up media manager accessible via the editor toolbar is more useful. 17 Sep Which file types you can upload via the media manager popup or the fullscreen media manager is configured through the conf/ file. It also configures the file extension ↔ mimetype association. For security reasons it is not possible to configure DokuWiki to allow any file type.:!: Never enable.

I updated my DokuWiki to Angua but when I invoke the media manager, it only shows the root and the wiki namespaces – I created another one (which DOES show in the ACL on the admin side) but not in the media manager. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks for your help. Andreas. Media Files with invalid names can be renamed to valid DokuWiki-media-file- names when they are found in a media directory by the media-manager. Renaming is triggered by a link at media-managers left-side area. Such a filename fixing can be needed, if files were not uploaded with the media manager but copied via. 30 Mar A namespace can be created in the media manager after having selected a file on the local computer and adding a name: (of namespace wanted) just before the media file name and then clicking upload. This will create on the fly the namespace (folder) for the file media, visible after a refresh of the.

This plugin shows a list of media files for a given wikipage which are either linked in the page itself or belong to its namespace. Note, the plugin is aware of your ACLs. In the namespace mode, a button to open the namespace by the Fullscreen Media Manager is shown at upper-right corner of the list area; it may be helpful. 3 Aug Is there a way to delete orphaned image (media) data?:!: This feature is available only when ACLs are enabled. You can assign the DELETE permission to users allowed to delete Mediafiles. They then can use the delete button in the media manager popup or the Delete button on the View tab of the third. one way is changing the template like this: in /lib/tpl/dokuwiki/: media manager tpl_action('index', 1, 'li'); //sitemap }?>.


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