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Adventure · Josh and Ling were expecting a boring vacation visiting each of their parents at an archaeological dig in China. But the new friends soon discover they 're right in the middle of an . The positives are: the movie speeds along quickly to use up it's 95 minutes - has a reasonable script - nice mix of Aussie and Chinese actors, with the kids. The Dragon Pearl is a family film that follows the story of two teenagers who meet in China to encounter a real live Chinese dragon, and also discover the mystery behind the whereabouts of his all powerful pearl. Directed by Mario Andreacchio, the film stars Wang Ji, Sam Neill, Robert Mammone, Jordan Chan and. But I was very pleasantly surprised. The dragon is well done and you have sympathy for his plight and that of the children. Coming from a joint Australian and Chinese venture, the sets and artifacts were very convincing. The music is very good but the drumming is exceptional, especially at the end. The movie is worth it just.

Aug 20, Movie Info. Josh (Louis Corbett) and Ling (Li Lin Jin) thought they were in for a boring vacation with each of their parents (Sam Neill and Wang Ji) at an archaeological dig in China. It turns into an adventure of a lifetime when they discover a mournful dragon trapped deep inside a mystical temple. According. Jun 9, Mario Andreacchio directs the Chinese-Aussie film about children investigating the legend of a magic pearl and the dragon it was stolen from. Parents need to know that The Dragon Pearl is an exciting, live-action adventure (with a CGI dragon) that has multiple sequences in which the two young heroes are in danger. Despite these dangers, the film will be appealing and appropriate for most older tweens because the filmmakers have tried to minimize the actual.


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