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Map of the Sounds of Tokyo is a Spanish drama film directed by Isabel Coixet. The film competed in the main competition at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival. Contents. [hide]. 1 Plot; 2 Cast; 3 Criticism; 4 References; 5 External links. Plot[edit]. The movie begins with Mr. Nagara, a wealthy CEO, complaining to his loyal. Drama · A dramatic thriller that centers on a fish-market employee who doubles as a contract killer. Love arrives in the strangest ways, and perhaps none stranger than in MAP OF THE SOUNDS OF TOKYO, a taut and gripping film filled with passion]and murder . Starring Oscar nominee Rinko Kikuchi and international heartthrob Sergi Lopez, the movie will make hearts race. Two lost souls make an unexpected connection .

Dec 21, A hired killer makes the mistake of falling for her quarry in this stylish thriller from Spanish writer and director Isabel Coixet. Ryu (Rinko Kikuchi) is a beautiful woman who works in a fish market in Tokyo, but she also leads a secret life as a professional assassin who performs hits for high-paying clients. He blames David, a Spaniard who runs a wine business in Tokyo. Mr Nagara's employee, Ishida, was silently in love with Midori and hires Ryu to murder David. A sound engineer, obsessed with the sounds of the Japanese city and fascinated with Ryu, witnesses this love story which searches the shadows of the human. Jan 20, Stunning cinematography can't make up for a wholly unconvincing plot in Isabel Coixet's Map of the Sounds of Tokyo.

May 22, Pretty to look at but largely vacuous, Spanish helmer Isabel Coixet's romantic drama “Map of the Sounds of Tokyo” plays like a perfume ad without a product. The Tokyo-set yarn about a Japanese hit woman who falls for her Spanish mark reps a vague cross between “Nikita” and “Last Tango in Paris,” but. May 27, An erotic-thriller about a Japanese assassin who falls in love with her Spanish target, Isabel Coixet's "Map of the Sounds of Tokyo" is "Nikita" reincarnated with Tokyo eyes. A designer noir-romance with a designer title and designer emotions, Isabel Coixet's follow-up to Elegy is as empty as a shiny new Prada handbag on a boutique shelf. Scripted for style and atmosphere rather than for substance, this lushly shot and scored Tokyo-set bauble with its dirge like pacing features unlikely couple.


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