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Pain vs madara

There's this annoying idea that EMSMadara is much more skilled than Nagato so I think Pain. Who would win, Obito with his Six Paths of Pain vs Nagato with his Six Paths of Pain? Who would win in a fight, Madara Uchiha (Six Paths Sage Mode) or Nappa? Who would win in a fight, Madara Uchiha in Sage of the Six Paths form, or Aizen fully transformed?. I'm just curious, I think pain is pretty badass. His almighty push and pull would do some damage.

21 Jun So my friend asked me who's my favorite in Pain and Madara. We can that in Naruto vs Pain, there is a time limit for deva path pain's jutsu (5. 15 Aug So if madara tried to teleport away pain would bansho ten'in to draw madara back to this demnsion before he could escape fully. in a one on one? even with naruto+sasuke vs peak madara i would bet on madara, That's like saying if Kishimoto said the same thing about Pain and tried to.

Naruto vs Pein: Naruto would be sooo angry with pein for killing Jiraiya that more Sasuke vs Madara: Now earlier in the series, Itachi said that Madara was "a. 1: Nagato (Prime) vs Madara (Prime Alive at VoTE) 2: Nagato (Prime) vs Madara (Edo) 3: Nagato (Edo) vs Madara (Edo) 4: Six Paths of Pain vs Madara (Edo).


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