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Pilot's Failure to Deconflict Caused F Collision in Georgia. ​​—Brian Everstine. 4/27/ ​The two pilots, assigned to the th Fighter Squadron at McEntire JNGB, S.C., were able to eject and suffered minor injuries in the mishap . Air Force Magazine USAF Almanac. USAF Almanac. Table of Contents. Air Warfare Symposium Special Edition. Table of Contents. April/May Table of Contents. March Table of Contents. February Table of Contents. JANUARY Table of Contents. March By John A. Tirpak Editorial Director. PDFLink. Print this page. PICTORIAL | “X” airplanes and missiles—flown by various combinations of military and civilian organizations—have pushed the art of possible in aerospace. Page Content. ​. Bell Aircraft test pilot Jean Ziegler in the cockpit of rocket- powered X-2 No.

USAF plans to retire the B-1 and B-2 in the s as Bs are fielded, while the B remains in service until The Tanker's Trying Time. By Brian W. Everstine. After a tough , the KC tanker is inching closer to reality. Chief Wright's Challenge. Gideon Grudo. Airmen's lives and careers are out of balance. Mar 2, Air Mobility Command is finalizing a large-scale effort to keep its fleet healthy across the Total Force, including swapping airframes between units and using data to try to predict when planes need service. The initiative is part of an overall effort to keep its weapons systems healthy and learn from private. The Air Force's KC tanker program faces developmental and budgetary headwinds in the quest to bring aircraft into service. Heaping Change Upon Improvement. By John A. Tirpak. Despite the Pentagon's recent success at improving its acquisition systems, Congress is imposing major changes. Undeclared War.

Congress Keeps Pressure on USAF Over Space Policy; Thunderbirds Bring Back Vet to Fly No. 4 Jet; FAA Certifies KC —Brian Everstine, Steve Hirsch, Amy McCullough, and John A. Tirpak4/27/ ​Daily Report: Read the day's top news on the US Air Force, airpower, and national security issues. The Air Force's "Forever War" is its Toughest Pill to Swallow. The Air Force's " Forever War" is its Toughest Pill to Swallow. March John A. Tirpak Editorial Director. PDFLink. Print this page. Manning and money are needed to maintain what has become USAF's permanent war footing. Page Content. ​. USAF Fs and. In tests at March Field, California, in , Lt. Col. Arnold demonstrated that P fighters were seldom able to intercept B and B bombers. In his view, fighters of the future would rarely be a threat to bombers. In any role, pursuit aircraft would be of limited value. Among those challenging Arnold's conclusions was Capt.


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