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Comedy Mario Van Peebles at an event for 2 Days in Paris () Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg at an event for 2 Days in Paris () Adam Goldberg in 2 Days in Paris () Adam .. From a study of the movie poster, you might be tempted to think this is another pointless romantic movie about two lovers in France. 2 Days in Paris is a Franco-German romantic comedy-drama film written, produced, and directed by Julie Delpy, who also edited the film, composed the soundtrack and played the leading female role. It was followed by the sequel 2 Days in New York. 10 Aug Conversational movies can often be either really good or tedious and boring. "2 Days in Paris" falls smack dab in the middle. The characters are interesting, and the situations are humorous, but half way through you just lose interest. My wife stopped carry after about an hour. The movie revolves around.

23 Aug When Marion, the character played by Julie Delpy in "2 Days in Paris" makes mistakes like that, she knows what she's doing. If her relationship with her lover Jack is coming apart at the seams, that's her with a little thimble and needle, pulling out the stitches. The movie covers the end of a European. 10 Aug In “2 Days in Paris,” Julie Delpy's and Adam Goldberg's performances are so assured and spontaneous that they don't even seem to be acting. 30 Aug And I have to confess I was reaching for mine when I settled down to this movie, starring and co-produced by Julie Delpy. It is the story of a French woman and her American boyfriend, played by the saturnine Adam Goldberg, experiencing a fraught and life-changing couple of days together in Paris.

13 Jul Now, with "2 Days in Paris," she has taken the full filmmaking plunge, writing, directing, co-producing and co-starring in the romantic comedy, MARTIN And I had this idea actually before 'Before Sunset' about doing a movie about a couple in Paris and in a way that's why I based 'Before Sunset' in Paris. : Two Days in Paris: Albert Delpy, Julie Delpy, Adam Goldberg, Adan Jodorowsky, Chick Ortega, Marie Pillet, Ludovic Berthillot, Daniel Brühl, Alexia Landeau, Veronica Moreno, Daniel Bruehl, Alex Nahon: Movies & TV. 20 Aug f you're like me, you may feel there's no need to see the romantic comedy 2 Days in Paris, Julie Delpy's debut film as a writer/director. Or, more precisely, you may feel that you've already seen it. Delpy is, after all, best known for her roles in Richard Linklater's movies Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, and.


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