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Singie/multi-player (up to 8 players on a network); Intelligent opponents programmed by a former U.S. military simulation team; 3 perspectives, full ° vision, and unrestricted 3D movement; Uses Intel MMX™ technology to bring graphics and speed to the next level; Deadly arenas like Alcatraz II, Purgatory, and the Abyss. If you're looking for a laid-back game full of shooting and explosions, give Death Drome a try. You won't be disappointed. Death Drome was made for Windows, so trying to play it with DOSBox will get you nowhere. Unzip the folder, run and overwrite the , found in gamedir\run folder, with the no-cd. DeathDrome Download Free Full Game is a third-person shooter game developed by Zipper Interactive and published by Viacom New Media. It became the first game to be developed by Zipper.

7 Nov While the game should install just fine on 32 bit versions of Windows, Death Drome is yet another game with a 16 bit installer program, meaning it cannot be Our export file is configured to run the game in full screen, you can easily change this back to Windowed mode by modifying the profile (as per the. As a criminal selected by C.O.R.T. (the Committee of Recreational Termination) to play DeathDrome, you will choose from eight state-of-the-art, multipurpose combat motorcycles, and be released into the Super prison arena to battle others. To survive, you must complete three deadly rounds using your reflexes, intuition, . DeathDrome. Added by Ralackk's avatar Ralackk Ralackk's avatar Ralackk Sorry , data for given user is currently unavailable. Please, try again later. class=" light_un" target="_blank"> drome - Gamespot's review: full version of this game.

But they'd also physically be present in the arena and their other senses would help them to paint the full picture of their environment. For the gamer playing Death Drome at their computer desk, vision is all there is. And in Death Drome the default view we are afforded, while it is a third-person view situated behind the. 17 Dec DeathDrome may be played with up to eight players over a LAN using IPX or TCP protocol. The rave music soundtrack is, well, rave music. On a positive note, it didn't give me a headache until about the end of the three-hour session. The graphics are outstanding. I was duly impressed by full screen. Death Drome is a fun, although a bit simplistic, futuristic first-person action/sport game that deserves much more attention than it received. The plot, set in a far future, is nothing special: the year is , and the world's prisons are teeming with vicious, condemned criminals. The Committee of Recreational Termination.


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