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The primary test method I used is by way of a software program which is based upon techniques of stellar image analysis developed by Claude and François Roddier while working at the University of Hawaii on high resolution astronomy. The software itself is open source and was developed by a team of four French. 2 Apr Page 1 of 3 - Star test and Roddier test on Orion 14xxg - posted in Reflectors: Hello everyone, in this period im star testing all my telescopes. In this 3d Id like to submit the output of Winroddier for my Dobson Orion 14xxg, that are in my opinion worth discussing. Orion claims that the 14xxg is diffraction. A new software tool for the analysis of star test images has recently became available. Its name is roddier test htm. What the software does is essentially to "reverse engineer" a couple of star test digital images to find what the wavefront should be to produce them. The principle.

2 Jul Documentation about this recent and interesting optical test appeared in internet in several languages of the countries where it is most prevalent l & #; self- optical construction amateur. Then a text in Italian, there is currently not existing. Therefore, being I curious and “Insider” I thought to translate into. [ BAS PAGE | RETOUR ]. 1. Principe du logiciel 2. Avancement du projet 3. Fonctions 4. Historique 5. Téléchargement 6. L'équipe de développement 7. Tests et validation de WinRoddier. 11 Dec on the wavefront quality. You are encouraged before beginning here to first review the excellent original WinRoddier manual titled "A. Cookbook for Roddier Testing of Telescopes" by John Biretta of the Yahoo Roddier Test Group: http://

Harold Suiter's "Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes" discusses in details star testing, connecting it to the underlying optical theory. An interesting new development (relatively speaking) is Roddier's test, (freeware) which uses CCD image of two defocused diffraction patterns of a real star to determine wavefront quality. I'm by no means expert in either conducting nor interpreting Roddier test, but I did two of them in order to check optical quality of my imaging scopes. Some comparative tests with Shack-Hartmann (using the ESO ANTARES test device) and with curvature sensing have been made at the Cerro Tololo 4 m telescope ], but this was too limited a basis for serious comparison of the two methods. Roddier and Roddier [ and Roddier et al. [ have published more.


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